This Week at the Quivering Daughters Blog…

This Week at the Quivering Daughters Blog… ollowing the release of my book, I’ve been praying about the direction to take this blog and my writing. The ways God has blessed this work humbles me daily, and my heart’s desire to to bring Him glory and honor through it and through other things He brings […]

Saturday Evening Blog Post | “Best of 2009”

Saturday Evening Blog Post | “Best of 2009” I hope your fingers are curled around a fresh mug of steaming Sumatra because you are in for a treat! Elizabeth Esther, who hosts The Saturday Evening Blog Post on the first Saturday of every month, has graciously invited her readers to choose their favorite blog post […]

SEBP at Elizabeth’s!

SEBP at Elizabeth’s! Ready for some new friends and fascinating reading? Check out Elizabeth Esther’s blog for her monthly Saturday Evening Blog Post ~ a plethora of links and new blog friends! You can participate too! Find your best, most inspirational, important, helpful, funny, interesting or simply your favorite post from last month and add […]

White Washed Idolatry

White Washed Idolatry . . for you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.  Exodus 34:14 orm Wakefield is an author and speaker with a tender heart for men and their families. In his article The Curse of the Standard Bearers: When Idolatry Masquerades as Love, […]

Saturday Evening Blog Post

Saturday Evening Blog Post Join Elizabeth Esther for a new edition of the Saturday Evening Blog Post! Highlight your favorite / most interesting / inspired / thought-provoking post from the month of January by inserting its direct link into her list, then compose a post about it at your own site. This is a great […]

Silent Sorrow | Guest Post

Silent Sorrow | Guest Post *Note: I am honored that Jo agreed to write this post for my Quivering Daughter readers. This is a painful subject not addressed enough throughout Christendom and particularly, among conservatives. I am Jo: a survivor of sexual abuse and a fundamentalist childhood. I am many things in my current life: […]

Love Song, IV — Mystery

Love Song, IV — Mystery continued from Love Song, III — Death She sat across from me, knuckles clasped white except for streaks of mascara swiped from her cheeks.  She didn’t know why she came; she’d stopped to turn around many times. But here she was. No coffee, thanks. “I was given up for adoption […]

A Different Perpective: She is No Longer Quivering

A Different Perpective: She is No Longer Quivering Over a few short months, a mother of seven from Nebraska has made headlines as she abandoned her Quiverfull life, launched a website and message board, inspired a play, and started writing a book based upon her experience. Scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of the […]


Index For complete archive, see left sidebar. Key Articles in alphabetical order Abusing Abuse? Part 1 Abusing Abuse? Part 2 Bondage of Betrothal, The Broken Counterfeit Patriarchy Daughters-in-Waiting: Adult Daughters at Home  Emmanuel  Exploring Bounded Choice Feminism or Faith? Godly Authority: A Flight to Topsyturvydom How Does Jesus Love You?  Humiliation Manipulation I Love Quiverfull, […]

Spiritual Abuse and the Gospel

Spiritual Abuse and the Gospel by Hillary McFarland What is good news? Good news brings joy. Good news brings relief. Good news gives us something to anticipate, to talk about and plan for. It gives us hope. If you are in jail and receive word that you are to be released, that is good news! […]