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Help a Former Quiverfull Daughter Go to College

I wanted to share an opportunity for those who may feel drawn to help a young woman with a huge heart for others. Jennifer is hoping to win a scholarship to attend college so that with her degree, she can help others overcome some of the hardships involved in building a life outside of an authoritarian environment.

You can help her win by following this link and voting for this essay. There is no sign-up required, just a simple click.

If you would like to do more, there is also a chip-in account set up for her. While the modest goal of $250 has already been reached, I know that she would be greatly blessed and encouraged if anyone is led to contribute more.


  1. I am delighted to see that Jennifer's essay is in the lead. And it is nice to see a post from you, Hillary. I hope you are doing well and miss reading new writing from you. I often point people to your book and this website. It has been so helpful.


  2. thx for letting me in on this opportunity Hillary.


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